Hidden at the bottom of what is actually a pretty usefully list of 8 ways to be more proactive by Cheryl Meyer, was a great suggestion to increase productivity. “Be a participant, not an idle observer. Don’t be just a worker bee. It’s important to step out of the box and interact.”

At first, you think; “but doesn’t interacting with people take you away from your desk and your work causing you to be less productive?” Well, technically yes. But, when you join a committee that interests you, there will be people there that like the same things you do, you might make a new work friend and that is pretty fun.

Joining a committee or activity at work also “puts you out in an environment where you are involved with people of all shapes and sizes and who have had different experiences helps you understand the world a little bit better,” noted Randall Kuvin, CPA, who contributed to Meyer’s article.

So, if you are around people who have different experiences then you maybe you will start looking at the world in a different way. You might get a new idea about how to do your job differently, maybe even better than before. Or maybe your new committee will just give you a little break from your desk, which is nice.

What type of committee sounds interesting to you? Leave me a comment and let me know.

Photo Credit – Ismanda