“In order to live a life of purpose, you must enjoy it! Being happy about the work you do and treasuring that feeling even during your mundane routine… Your work should make you feel joy, pride, and ultimately drive your ambition. If you’re happy with your life purpose during your twenties, that feeling is bound to carry with you from here on out!” – Rachael Tulipano

She goes on to say, “Remember to make happiness a priority. Happiness is absolutely essential to live a fulfilling life. No matter what job you have, where you live, who makes up your family, or what age you are, you should always make happiness a number one priority.”

“I completely agree,” I thought. How do I make happiness my number one priority, I just can’t skip all of the meetings I don’t want to go to.

According to Jonathan Haidt, in his book called The Happiness Hypothesis, “most people see work in three ways: a job, a career, or a calling. When it’s a job, you are only interested in trading time for money. You stare at the clock, dream about the weekend, and wish you were doing something else. When you see work as a career, the excitement of the pursuit of that goal keeps you going, and gives you drive to do lots of work… you’ll have moments where you wonder if it’s worth it and if you’ve missed the boat on what matters. When work is your calling, though, it is fulfilling. Instead, your work is part of the greater good. This is the kind of work where if you won the lottery, you’d probably still work for free just because you feel the work is important.”

Can you see your work as a calling? Leave me a comment and let me know.

Photo Credit – Compass Business Coaching