Everyone always talks about stress as a really horrible thing that will destroy you at any minute. Even the tiniest bit of extra stress will just push us over the edge. But, Jacob Shriar disagrees. He says that “many years ago, one of my mentors told me, everyone has problems. It’s how we deal with those problems that make us who we are.” – A Simple Guide to Handling Stress at Work

He goes on to explain that “a little stress at work is a good sign. It means you’re engaged, excited, and passionate about what you’re doing.” Additionally, “when we’re not stressed enough, we become bored, and that’s never good for our motivation or productivity. When we’re too stressed, we become overwhelmed and can’t handle the workload we have.”

So, how do we keep our stress in the “Peak Performance Zone” and not let the “Instant Gratification Monkey” get the best of us causing our healthy stress to spiral out of control and the “Panic Monster” has to step in? (Check out Tim Urban’s super funny TED Talk to find out more.)

Instant Gratification Monkey  The Panic Monster

When you start researching ideas for ways to handle stress, you find suggestions about as creative and exciting as the productivity lists items. You know, meditation, yoga, and exercise. All of those things work but I was looking for something a little more original. Finally, I found my kind of list! 10 Fun Ways to Deal With Stress At Workplace So many fun ideas, this post is To Be Continued.

What do you think? Is stress good or bad? Leave me a comment and let me know.

Photo Credit – Officevibe

Photo Credit – Tim Urban