Last time we talked about how a little stress is a good and helps boost productivity, but it is important to keep your stress in the Peak Performance Zone. (not too much and not too little)

How do we find this mysterious zone? Because we don’t get so stressed out we start putting aromatherapy candles everywhere, including our cars like in this Budget Rental car commercial? And we don’t want to turn our office into a yoga studio/meditation garden. A yoga studio/mediation garden which sounds nice but it might be kind of hard to type while doing downward facing dog.

So, I started looking for realistic ways to deal with stress at work and found 10 Fun Ways to Deal with Stress at Workplace from Slice of Health. They suggest decorating your workspace, pass notes, and (of course I love this one) order some dessert! By decorating your workspace, “you treat your eyes, you treat your heart. Fill your work-space with items that interests you, be it a family picture, your favorite toy car or even your favorite indoor plant that you can spend time watering every day when you take a break.”

Makes since to me! Who doesn’t love to look around at a neat, color coordinated workspace?! I feel better just thinking about it. Their next suggestion is to “pass notes: Brighten up your day and your colleagues’ day by writing them notes and dropping them at their desks. You might be delighted to receive some as well.” I don’t think they mean the passive-aggressive kind, even though they are pretty funny and goggling “passive aggressive post it notes” can provide hours of entertainment.

Passive Aggressive

And now for my favorite… “Order some dessert: Desserts are all that are needed to make anybody happy. Remember that while doing this, you also get an opportunity to socialize and interact with people which in itself is a natural stress buster.” I am glad they added that dessert is an opportunity to socialize because it reminds people that it is important to not eat alone at your desk.

Do you have any stress reliving ideas? Post a comment and let me know.

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Photo Credit – Team Jimmy Joe