There is more to productivity than an effective morning routine and creative planners with coordinated colors and lots of stickers. (Although, I find decorating my planner very relaxing.)

If you want to, you can read one of the hundreds of lists about the “Top 10 Ways to Make Your Day More Productive”. I have checked them out. Instead of being more productive, I end up getting all wrapped up trying to organize my work space and creating lists of lists and run out of time to actually DO things on my lists! During one of my resent list making sessions, I starting thinking about how there might be more to productivity than just organizing your desk to increase the amount of output per unit of input.

Not too long after I starting thinking about this, I was checking my email and came a crossed one from an Accounting association I belong to. Normally, these are pretty boring “Top Stories” about “The Keys of Auditing”, but this time, there was an article by Liz Ryan called “First, Make Work Fun – Productivity Will Follow”.

“This sounds like something I would like to read,” I thought. “Cake every day, ping pong tables, and scooter riding around the office. Amazing!”

The article was not about cake. (Tear) It was about something more important. Make the work you do fun. She talks about how easy it is to make work fun. “You make a job more fun by giving the person who performs the job more latitude over the work” and “if work were more fun, it would be more productive and more profitable.” This was much better than the “fake fun” I had envisioned. This type of fun would last a long time.

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