Back to back meetings, emergencies every five minutes, and people calling to see if I had that thing that they asked me to do. I love to be busy at work, it makes the day go faster, but I don’t really feel very productive when my to-do list is missing my check-mark stickers that accentuate all my accomplishments for the week. So, when I came across the idea of The Anti–To-Do List, I was pretty excited.

L.V. Anderson writes, “The idea behind the done list is simple, regardless of what the list looks like. Keeping track of what you do makes you feel productive, which makes you feel happy and energized, which translates into more productivity going forward.”

This is just what I need! I hate looking back on my week and thinking, “I don’t understand. I was so busy every day, but instead of getting to check anything off my to-do list with my colorful markers, my list doubled!”

Anderson goes on to say, and I love this part, “You might roll your eyes at me for wanting to pat myself on the back for every little thing I get done at work. But most productivity techniques require a little self-trickery. Why not trick yourself into feeling better about your work, just by paying closer attention to how you actually spend your time?”

Leave me a comment about what you would add to your Anti-To Do List.

Photo Credit – Annie Dornan-Smith Design