While doing research for a previous blog post called Thank You! I found an article called GRATITUDE AT WORK by Stacy Sakellariou. She said that a good way to “show your thanks to others in the workplace” is to “ask their opinion” it shows “that you care what they think about by asking their opinion on a topic.”

“This is a terrific way to show people I appreciate them at work!” I thought. Note to Self – Remember two things when you ask someone “what do you think?”: One, make sure you actually listen to them and two, make sure to give them credit. I hate when I am in a meeting, I look down at the agenda, and there it is… My idea. Staring back at me.

In an article by Ben Dattner, called Give Credit Where It’s Due, he says that credit is “an extremely powerful motivator” and it is important to “credit team members for crediting one another. Not only does the increase in motivation also increase productivity but it also makes people trust you and also like you a whole lot more.”

I think that sometimes it is better to give collaborators more credit for the idea that they helped you with. I have noticed that if you keep all of the credit for yourself, it is pretty unlikely that anyone will be willing to help you out with an idea next time.

So don’t forget, if someone gives you a great idea to help you out and you use any part of their idea, make sure to give THEM credit.

Photo Credit – The Notary’s Blog