“Showing gratitude can be the biggest boost to your company’s productivity and profitability.” Says April Kelly author of a book called Gratitude at Work: How to Say Thank You, Give Kudos, and Get the Best from Those You Lead. “Gratitude like leadership begins with a choice. It’s more than saying thank you.”

That is an interesting thought, I can make others happy at work at the same time that I am improving my job. Ok, so if gratitude is more that saying thank you, what are some ways I can show people I appreciate them? Bring them treats like cake? (Yes, I pretty much just think about eating cake all the time.) Probably not a good idea to bring cake every day to work.

Let the googling begin!

Do you know what happens when you google “Ways to say thank you at work”? You get a bunch of lists. Generic ideas that mostly include money, gifts, or promotions. Does someone really deserve a promotion for helping you every time the copy machine jams? Maybe, but probably not.

Then, hidden among the mundane “Ways to Say Thank You” lists I found a fantastic idea that you can actually use every day; “Spread some cheer – Share employees’ successes publicly…a little recognition goes a long, long way!” This great idea came from Stacy Sakellariou in an article she wrote called 4 EASY WAYS TO SAY “THANKS” TO YOUR EMPLOYEES.

Time to make a glittery thank you note, to add to the quarterly staff newsletter, for my friend who always helps me fix the copy machine.

Do you have a unique way to thank someone at work? Leave me a comment and let me know.

Photo Credit – The Nerdy Teacher