Productivity increases when you, you know, work while you are at work. Scrolling through endless adorable cat videos while you are supposed to be completing next year’s budget that is due in one hour and you haven’t even started looking at it yet; is very entertaining but not very productive.

How do I make budgets more exciting? I could add glitter or stickers, but I don’t think that my boss would be as excited as I am about the newly decorated budgets and slight increase over last year on the office supply line.

Or, I could use a suggestion from the article called “You Don’t Need a Promotion to Grow at Work” by Jordan Stark and Katie Smith Milway. In the article there was a story about “Sandra” who was promoted to VP in her early 30s and because of the culture in the company, she knew there wouldn’t be another opportunity for a promotion for a long time so she reshaped her current role.

Sandra “looked for gaps in service delivery across business units” and “spent the next several years, learning more about the company and gaining new skills, relationships, and a reputation for innovation.”

“I can do that!” I thought, excitedly. “Get the boring stuff completed quickly so I can make time of things that I will actually enjoy.” I think I will volunteer for the Monthly Birthday Celebration Committee first, they have cake.

I am excited to hear your ideas and your observations. Leave me a comment and let me know what you think.

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