My first day of class it was way too hot!! It was a three-hour class (7pm to 10pm) and 85 degrees!! Our professor kept putting a thermometer up on the projector so that we would be reminded that it was 85 degrees, just in case we forgot.

Then we went around the room and introduce ourselves. It was finally my turn and I was like “Hi, I’m Stephanie… and I work here, for facilities…” I’m pretty sure no one heard another word I said because they were all giving me the death stare like it was my fault that the room was so hot!! So, at the end of my introduction, I made sure to mention that I would let someone know that our room was really hot during class.

A week went by and it was time for class. I knew it had been a busy week and my hot classroom was not really that important. I nervously walked into the room. “I work in the better department ever!!” They had adjusted the temperature to a perfect 72 degrees!!! My professor even made a point to thank my department at the beginning of class in front of everyone!

What does this story have to do with productivity, you ask? Well, according to Francesca Gino in an article called To Motivate Employees, Show Them How They’re Helping Customers. In the article, she talks about how important it is to do work that makes you feel like you are making a difference.  She says that a “key factor that improved worker motivation was a direct connection to those who benefit from one’s work, including customers and clients.”

So, let people know that they are doing a great job! I made sure to pass on the Thank You that I received in class to my co-workers, their boss, and their bosses boss. I may have overdone it, but I was grateful that I didn’t have to sit through another hot class!!

Do you use any of these productivity hacks at work? Feel free to brag about your success in the comments!

Photo Credit – Arkangel-Wulf